About me.

I am a Wellness Consultant offering Supplement Support and Solutions focused on whole body wellness. 

      I would like to share with you part of my journey and the antecedent sparking my own transformation, which resulted in my life journey practice and belief of NATURAL remedies and my holistic approach to better health for myself and my family. 

My research into alternative treatments and supplement support came from difficulties with my own health. I was active as a child. dancing for over fifteen years, gymnastics and later speed skating well into my twenties. But by age thirty five I was struggling with various health issues consisted of low energy, higher cholesterol, depression, brain fog and poor memory, sensory issues, pre- diabetic concerns, weight gain,, joint and back pain ,pituitary and thyroid gland issues, painful menstruation(PCOS), and secondary infertility. I was a full time Cosmetologist with a Daughter at Penn State U. I was stressed, depressed and my quality of life was dim at best.  It was at that point I decided to, focus on my health and take action .


     Through diet, nutritional changes, homotoxicology and supplement support  I was able to improve my health and increase my energy dramatically. My new way of life made such an impact that I decided to start sharing as much and as often as possible. I offer diet elimination guidance ,supplements and results that increase your vitality .

Life is meant to be savored, every moment of it.